Hao-Li Xiyang



Is from Fucanlong city,

Is an Athlete for the Inter State Games. Is travelling to train herself to be better at her event (weight lifting).

Is also spending her time looking for her cousin Hu who left the city 3 years ago to gather gold for Fucanlong.

Hu is her hero, she wishes to one day become as strong as him. Hu is one of the youngest warriors to leave the city in a trio gold gathering group (need name)

The travel time also enables her to start work on her secret passion making the 1st* guide book of creatures for the Halfling people.

Has an older brother (middle child) and sister (oldest). Only children in that families clutch

Sibling rivalry with elder sister as the elder sister has dragon magic and is the favorite of their parents clutch.

Eldest brother is okay I guess.

Hao-Li Xiyang

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