Meical Clarke


Meical Fleitsier Clarke is a centaur clothed in a green coat and hood. His arrows bear bright green peacock feathers in a quiver on his hip belt. His gear is clean and well maintained. He has a large bow. His flaxen hair is cropped short, and his skin is tanned brown from the sun. On one arm he bears a beautiful, showy bracer for his archery. On one side hang his sword and a small buckler, while on the other is a sheathed dagger. A silver necklace hangs in his shirt, and across his chest is a green baldric in which rests a hunting horn—surely the trophy of one such hunt, itself. His lower body is chestnut with pale coronets above the hooves.
He is heterochromic, with a left brown eye and a right green.



Among Meical’s best qualities are his curiosity, honesty, fair-mindedness, optimism, enthusiasm, encouragement, and dedication. On his worst days, he’s argumentative, blunt, flaky, overconfident, reckless, and tactless. He loves books, dares, his dog Maaike (and other pets in general), humour, music, stories, and travelling, and is put off by boredom/slow pacing, routines, taking things too seriously, and being told he can’t do something—which he loves to try and prove wrong. He generally follows the rules, but kind of hates the rules, and would prefer to make the rules himself in any given situation.
Meical trivialises his responsibilities as a civil servant, and sometimes skirts by lazily in spite of his excitement. He tends to get very excited about starting new things and accidentally deviate prior to finishing them. Large projects and goals are very enticing to him, and he lacks foresight about how much responsibility new goals may take, which is why he sometimes opts into too many opportunities. He often wants the biggest and best available, which often trickles into points of excessive overindulgence. With that said, he flourishes in adaptability—his critical eye makes him keen to edit behaviour based on rapid changes in a situation. Failure does not phase him.


Meical is a yeoman* from [Feudal Monarchy Nation Goes Here]. He tends to the lands of a knight, [Knight name here]. Depending on the circumstances, he has previously fought on behalf of his lord, or stayed back during military times to protect the land. He owns land upon his knight’s property—100+ (DM discretion?) acres. He both protects the grounds from intruders, thiefs, and poachers while utilising the grounds to look after the supply of food and goods. Because of his value for freedom and travel, he is regularly given something like a sabbatical to travel from his grounds. Knaves tend to his own portion of the land while he is gone, while other yeomen and squires below his knight tend to compensate for his absence in the meantime.

He went to the Orc Academy because he’s an expert at unnecessary navel-gazing and self-aggrandising, but is glad he left because he prefers being unhinged in the wide open world where he can sow his oats. Gross.


*Yeomen are higher than foot soldiers & peasantry, but below nobility and knights. It is occasionally hereditary. They are often tasked as civil servants (churchwardens, constables, bailiffs, parish overseers). They often accompany and protect baggage trains that are delivered from or to the yeoman’s lord; as well, they often escorted their own noble lords as personal guards. They sit with their knights and pages at meals.

Meical Clarke

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