Garlic World

Day 1

The music at Harfest stops
Everyone tries to listen
Level of inebriation does not allow for very concentrated ears
He continues, “this year we have made first contact with the actual first settlers of these lands, and i’m sure as you all can imagine…” as he finishes that, his body just stops for a second and is surrounded in flames instantly. As his body’s burning, some arrows fly at it. Some of you who are more perceptive know where they come from
He’s incinerated as he falls to his knees, they try to put him out but it takes them a while to put him out
Citrine goes up to try to aquabolt him and put him out
Meical looks around for assassins but it sux (8) so he doesn’t see anything
Finley tries to heal him w spellz, discovers he has a redfang poison which is resistant 
Meanwhile hao realises a calm guy; meical charges & knocks the calm guy prone; hao grapples him (20) and intimidates him (20)
“Peri sent me, if that’s what you want to know”
Doesn’t answer any other Qs, hao drags him away down an alleyway and meical stands in front

Meanwhile cit and fin look for assassins on the other side
Someone behind a corner, waiting for someone like you to show up
Citrine: i think he’s doing something weird, i don’t think he’s on the up and up
Finley: should we go ask him?
Finley gets stabbed

Are you not from here? Do you not know about the sigil?
Look the sigil is just the name of our little outfit

The reason we had to off our lovely doge is because some of us don’t really like the whole working with our neighbours kind of thing. Where do you live? Maybe you should move
No i mean our trade deals with lochtoon… i mean edgarville. Sorry, that place changes names all the time
Meical: can’t blame you, really does

So finley gets stabbed, citrine casts slow on them, approaches them, tells them murder is bad/mean, the two of them attempt to leave very slowly, cit gets stabbed

Is the sigil interested in trading w the great empire

Meical: that doesn’t really make sense since this is a democracy anyway
“Don’t worry these circumstances can be altered in our favour”

Fin and cit both suck at following and she notes and runs into a house and knocks someone out (which they hear); they go in after her after trying to goad her out and heal the elderly Kor (Tibi) inside who’s been knocked out

Inara tells Meical she mourns the loss of the Doge; he rose to power, gave a sizeable donation to support the local beggars; also vowed to get rid of crime in the city; yeah that stuff that happened to him (fire/arrows) was totally illegal; i think they stopped doing that 26 years ago

Meical: Are you staying around here?
Inara: I think it’s too soon to say
Night under the stars
She points to a hill/cliff
Can see it bc there’s a fairly low altitude.

anyway then they do some more festivities, e.g. drinking, Hao gets into a fight with a tavern vendor who wipes his hands on the Fucanlong pamphlet; they calm her down and leave; Citrine realises they might be followed but doesn't say anything and they all head to the diplomat apartment


Bucky Bucky

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