Garlic World

Day 2

You can take the girl out of the ocean...

finley and meical are awake first. meical goes for a run, and finley makes everyone lox & bagels & coffee. her own is quite raw. 

citrine is up. she tries to wake up hao who is miserably hungover. two dirty gnome children come to the front door and ask for citrine and say they're there to escort her to theron. she says alright and tells them to wait 20 min while she gets her friendos ready.

meical comes back from his run to find these children at the door and tells them to get out of the way and goes in himself. he finds that finley's accidentally cast Cresting Wave in the kitchen. she acts like it was because the bath was too small for him so she was setting him up a bath. he thinks this is unsuspicious and bathes in the kitchen while she goes to citrine to say she's had another accident. citrine tells her she ought to see a doctor.

hao declines to get up soon until meical says he'll carry her if she grabs a blanket or something. they follow the dirty gnome children to theron after meical sweeps out some of the water.
meical beer count: +1

at the financial building she meets theron and brings her friends with them to listen in on the conversation, which is really weird. he reveals he has suspicions that Sargon, from payroll, is tied into the assassination, and that a lot of small conversations around the office that show people were expecting the assassination.

citrine says she wants to talk to sargon and asks meical and finley to rifle through the desk in the meantime. meical isn't eager to break the law and stands by and looks aside. he eventually steps outside after finley breaks the lock and the two enter in. they find sargon's desk is cleaned out, which leads finley to think he's cleared out and isn't returning. 

the party goes to sargon's house. meical and hao stay out of sight while finley and citrine think to knock on the door. it's not quite a hovel, not too shabby, but you wonder how five people can live in there comfortably.  before they knock on the door they hear the sound of the children & their mother and so don't proceed. meical gets freaked out and leaves to harfest with hao.

finley asks if citrine wants her to sneak in as a small creature. she turns into a spider, gets into the study, then into a drawer, and reads a letter saying, "prepare, tonight we feast." finley turns back into true form and collects all of the notes before turning back into a spider, hoping the children and wife are too distracted to notice her. she then hides under the bed as a spider and comes out and shows all of the papers to citrine.
meical beer count: +2

the group splits with finley and citrine headed to the municipal library of rethalas and hao and meical headed to harfest.
meical beer count: +8
meical status: drunk

citrine and finley get stuck translating for 5 hours and make out embarrassingly few phrase: "fat dwarf" "sigil" "bring glory" "tremble before us
they take so long that hao and meical just go on and get food after the 3 hour mark during which they're supposed to meet up, and then they proceed to the apartment to wait for the other two after eating and sobering up a bit

meical gets ready for his meeting with inara while the others wait on the gnome children to meet with that suspicious employee from earlier. meical leaves for his date after admitting he's a little worried about it being an ambush or trap. they go on to discuss it for a while, but meical gets impatient and leaves, buying a drinking bird for her on the way up to Orchard Hill. as they begin to be collected by the children, finley decides to leave and check on meical just in case it turns out to be an ambush.

meical has an oblivious conversation with inara about star symbolism in each of their cultures, books, and more. she set up a picnic for them of meat.

hao and citrine have an unpleasant interaction with the dirty gnome children where hao is debatably rude due to being above their station. when they enter the building, theron sends his kids to the kitchen. the hovel explodes. 

meical and inara see the explosion from their cliff side date. she rests her head against him and says it's a wonderful night and that it "spices up the date." meical tries to confidently agree. 

a dwarf sees hao and citrine leave the scene of the crime after pulling the bodies out. citrine leaves their contact information with her and also reads her mind and realises the dwarf thinks they are criminals. the dwarf gives her name off as zippy but her name is actually moira. 

inara lives in a 3 bedroom house. 2 floors. fairly spacious living room. anachronistic fancy decorations, e.g. marble staircase etc. master bedroom is downstairs. meical cleans up after the picnic stuff and is invited to stay in the master bedroom with inara while finley and hao decide to go look for citrine. they hear a lot of locks on the master bedroom door. when hao looks in the cupboards to grab a snack before leaving, and notices all of the food seems really old, like no one updates it or eats it. finley speculates that maybe she's too big to eat. hao notices that everything seems quite dusty or used; things seem like they haven't been used in a while. hao notes the servants seem terrible and finley asks if there even are servants. "exactly!" said hao.

finley: who are we to judge somebody's mouldy food?
hao: we're guests and we haven't been offerred anything!

they decide to go look for citrine. a mysterious figure tries to "insert its shortsword" (disturbing direct quote from david) into finley that she hadn't seen and hurts her a lot (33 damage). notice the familiar dragonborn that slashed them once before, and someone else they don't recognise—a pale woman with red hair (?). 

they run away in a skill challenge. both dramatically wounded down to 6 hp, finley heals hao and then turns into a panther using her last wildshape of the day and then crits an athletics check while hao is on her back. hao tries to growl them off but fails the intimidation check. finley feints them into going the wrong direction for a while. then they escape while hao encourages her with a good ol' persuasion check. they decide to wait outside the city while they recover. 


Bucky Bucky

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